August 15th, 2006

From"Decoded" The arrival


I have received many private letters of support.
This one, from Brother Stephan in Israel, is reprinted
here with his kind permission. Stephan is both an OTO
member and a member of the fine band which
produced "l'Divin Cagliostro":

Silence & Strength <>
To: T Allen Greenfield <>
Subject: Hard times indeed.
Date: Aug 14, 2006 5:23 AM
Dear Brother Allen,

Seems like the war is raging on several fronts these
days. I've been carefully reading all the posts in LJ
and of course I read your statement on the website a
long time ago, as I have it linked on my site too.

Let me say this, I consider you one of the very few
sane, sober-minded and reasoned individuals I've met
in the O.T.O. You are a true Scientific Illuminist (by
the way if you type this in google your name comes
first :) and one of the few rational occultists out
there. You always inspire me!
It is the greatest mistake this Order can make to let
people like you go instead of adhering to your very
constructive criticism.

Now I understand that the problems I saw here and the
reasons that made me decide to leave the Camp here are
not just a local dispute, they originate a lot higher
up the rank and perhaps are the desease that runs in
the whole Order. The fish indeed stinks from the head!

I am disgusted with it all and I am considering to
quit. Throughout my youth I've been a member of
several religious organisations, and the reasons that
made me quit each and every one of them were exactly
the hypocrisy, superstition and spiritual impotence of
the leaders. Unfortunately, I see this in the current
organisation I am in as well and I cannot stay any

Well, at the same time we're fighting here as well.
Again. Some of my friends are out there in Southern
Lebanon. People are getting killed. We all hope for
this to be over soon. Thankfully, Tel-Aviv is pretty
safe for now.

Stand firm! Be strong! You are a hero and a beacon for

I will be sending some of my new CDs your way soon.
Please tell me what is your current mailing address
for that.


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Tribute to the Grand Copht, the creator of the Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry, the most

colourful magical Adept and one of the previous incarnations of the Master Therion. Recorded

in Tel-Aviv, Israel by local dark-ambient/dark-folk project. Limited hand-numbered edition

of 620 copies, CD in DVD-box with insert. Very stylish packaging.

"Le Divin Cagliostro bridges the distance between dark ambient music and neofolk music

bringing both styles to bare on an album unified by themes of mysticism and spirituality."

(Heathen Harvest)

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Silence & Strength - Le Divin Cagliostro
Sunday, February 19 2006 @ 12:38 PM PST
Contributed by: Malahki Thorn

Artist: Silence & Strength

Title: Le Divin Cagliostro

Label: The Eastern Front

Genre: Neofolk / Dark Ambient

As the neofolk music genre matures those of us who enthusiastically follow the genre have

come to rely upon musical contributions from throughout Europe. Occasionally we are rewarded

with releases coming from outside the European continent though Europe remains the heart of

the neofolk music movement. The Eurocentric focus of the neofolk movement makes sense as

much of the neofolk music genre is inspired by European history, culture and pre-Christian

indigenous spirituality and religion.

As the neofolk genre evolves musicians outside of Europe have begun to explore their own

culture, history and regional spiritual practices via music. The expansion of the neofolk

movement is gaining momentum and nowhere is this more apparent than in Israel. The Eastern

Front is a new Israeli based music label which came to recognition in 2004 when the label

hosted Der Blutharsch and Death In June concerts in Israel for the very first time. For the

occasion of the Der Blutharsch concert The Eastern Front released their first official CD

release in conjunction with Topeth Prophet Records. Der Blutharsch – The Truth of Speech

Will Set You Free was distributed during the Der Blutharsch concert for Israeli attendees.

Silence & Strength - Le Divin Cagliostro is the The Eastern Front’s first official

independent release and it introduces listeners to one of Israel’s most promising new

neofolk / dark ambient acts. For their first release Silence & Strength draws upon the

elusive history of the Grand Copht Count Cagliostro the founder of Egyptian Rite

Freemasonry. Many attribute Count Cagliostro’s once aspiring prowess in the mystical arts to

the fact that he was a previous incarnation of the Master Therion Aliester Crowley. “Le

Divin Cagliostro” is a musical tribute to Grand Copht Count Cagliostro. The album comes

packaged with a small insert written by Tau Greenfield, D.D. that partially explains the

original Egyptian mysteries and their relationship to the European Mason fraternity. Though

the insert is a start to understanding this complex web of occult history readers not

readily familiar with the history of the Masons will need to conduct their own research to

establish a fuller understanding of the movement.

“Le Divin Cagliostro” is easily enjoyed regardless of your occult education. Silence &

Strength has constructed a mesmerizing album filled with dark ambient and esoteric neofolk

that refuses to be easily categorized. The music ranges from straight forward guitar driven

neofolk compositions to arcane dark ambient passages that enshroud the listner in dark

otherworldly atmospheres. The album begins with an introductory dark ambient track that sets

the mood for the listner. The introductory track begins with liturgical chanting and a

ritualistic speech spoken in what sounds like Italian. After the introductory statement the

music slowly opens to include reverberating dark ambient drones and a few faltering piano

chords. The music gently rolls forth as if the previous incantation awoke some archaic

entity from its slumber. A piercing tone tentatively plays in suspended animation over the

dark ambience piercing the heart of the growing darkness before retreating. The dark

ambience continues to unfold while soft string orchestration plays gently across the dark

collage. The mood is one of dark fragility as the musicians cultivate the music with the

utmost care seeking to create a restrained sound marked by its tenuous nature. The dark

ambience and string orchestration retreat at the end leaving the sound of crickets, flies,

and birds while a few last spoken words are echoed at the end of the song.

Track four is an epic esoteric dark ambient offering that drags the listner further into the

bands ritualistic and esoteric world of occultism. The composition begins with the signature

male voice reciting something in a non English language with sparse chimes and wavering dark

ambience flitting about the speaker. After the brief introduction the music breaks before

beginning again. When the music returns it is marked by very ritualistic ambient atmospheres

that slowly unfold from humble beginnings. The mood is very similar to the introductory song

as spoken word is once again juxtaposed against dark esoteric ambience. The music is

comprised of dark ambient rumbling washes and high toned drones that swirl around the

listner. The music gives the impression of a separation from the mundane world akin to what

one might experience in a private ritualistic setting. The music is held in tight reins as

the musicians cascade the music across the listner like icy water. There is a sense of

torment that emerges from the darkness as if forces are struggling against an invisible

hold. After nine minutes of music the songs gently retreats allowing the listner time to

prepare for the next descent.

Track seven is one of three neofolk offerings on the “Le Divin Cagliostro.” The song begins

with the clear sound of a chime being struck. As the chiming fades neofolk guitar begins

playing and sweet orchestral sings wash across the composition. A male singer enters the

song singing in slightly hushed tones. His voice is very similar to Joseph Bulldozer of

Backworld contributing an instant comfort to the music. The male singer is joined by a

backing vocalist for the chorus adding depth and sensuality to the music. The guitar and

strings are graced by chimes and female vocals singing ethereally in the background. The

lyrics speak of the spiritual search of man evoking a very heartfelt and authentic reaction

from the listner. The acoustics of the composition are like a guiding light in the depths of

the darkness invoked by the dark ambient compositions of the album.

“Le Divin Cagliostro” bridges the distance between dark ambient music and neofolk music

bringing both styles to bare on an album unified by themes of mysticism and spirituality. I

do have to admit to feeling a bit out of the loop due to the fact that most of the spoken

worked on the album is not in English and from the view point of an English speaking

listener I felt as if I missed much of the narrative. With that said the music does bolster

the experience with thick ritualistic atmospheres that thoroughly engulf the listner.

Silence & Strength have debuted with a strong album that will earn the respect of listeners

looking for a union between spirit and music. Silence and Strength share a glimmer of their

own spiritual journey in this life while simultaneously celebrating the honored work and

life of the prominent occultist Count Cagliostro. Interested readers are encouraged to order

their copy soon as the album is published as a limited edition.

Silence & Strength * Le Divin Cagliostro (cd 2005 the eastern front)

The Eastern Front is a new label from Israel, whose first release was the special Der

Blutharsch Israel cd "Speech Of Truth Will Be Eternal". "Le Divin Cagliostro" is the second

cd. Silence & Strength are not entirely new too, since they appear on the Aleister Crowley

tribute "100 years of Liber AL". As the title suggests, this 41-minute cd is dedicated to

Giuseppe Belsamo or Joseph Balsam (1743-1795), better known as Count Cagliostro, who founded

the Memphis Rite in Freemasonry. The cd contains soft ambient soundscapes, darker tunes, a

rhythmical part and a few World Serpent like neofolkish songs with male and female vocals;

also there is room for some silly humour. The neofolk songs are nice, but I prefer the dark

soundscapes that can be found on this disc. Overall the album is very nice and not too

typical of sound. A very nice debut both for the band and the label. The cd comes in 620

DVD-cases and later a handpainted wooden box with extras will follow. The next release by

The Eastern Front will be an album with four bands, dedicated to the Russian side of WWII

and then another Silence & Strengh album.
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