July 5th, 2006

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19th Century Sex Magick - A Monograph Pt 1


As of this writing, in July of 2006, this remains a “work in progress” on the inner or “secret” teachings of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light. The effort began some ten years ago plus, when the Acting Outer Head of one of the great magical orders of antiquity purchased these documents on my behalf, as an integral part of my ongoing Work, recovering the history of the HB of L, the principle fruits of which to date having been my book for Looking Glass Press, The Story of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light (1997. ISBN 9188708039 ), the monographs “Hermetic Brotherhood Revisited: Thoughts on the Antiquity & Continuity of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light ” first published in The Scarlet Letter and later by Luxor Press, “” the essay “Paschal Beverly randolph Sexual Magick in the 19th Century” (http://www.hermetic.com/sabazius/randolph.htm) and the vastly more comprehensive anthology The Roots of Modern Magick: Glimpses of the Authentic Tradition from 1700-2000, An Anthology. Revised edition,( Manutius Press, 2006. ISBN 978-1-4116-8978-7).

Somewhere during the course of this Work, I realized, largely due to interactions with serious magical historians Martin Starr and Jon Sellars, that the sexual gnosis embodied in these teachings were the major bridge between the Authentic Magical tradition stretching back to unknown (though likely Sumerian) antiquity, through the 18th Century Asiatic Brethren and Fratres Lucis, and the latter day antient order that is informed in theory virtually entirely at its core by this same gnosis. One may profitably peruse Sellars’ timeline at http://www.antiqillum.com/texts/tl/timelinemainindex.htm

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In the 19th Century, the principle vessels of this tradition were Pascal B. Randolph’s Triplicate Order (otherwise called the Brotherhood of Eulis), the HB of L under Paolos Metamon, Louis Bimstein and Peter Davidson, and, Bimstein’s recension of the same work in his Algerian period under the rubric “Cosmic Philosophy” – promulgated with Davidson’s enthusiastic assist.

The documents came into my hands in imperfect form, one being a somewhat damaged copy of the original printing of the secret, internally circulated HB of L text, written by Randolph, “The Anserietic Mysteries”. With active assist from fellow Bishop Karma (who has helped a great deal with the restoration work to date), Sister Mel (who worked on archival copies of baseline materials) and a few others, I began restoration, but to date this is anything but complete, all of us being diverted by related but independent projects, not the least being The Great Arabia Mountain Working, ongoing.

The impact of this work on the central gnosis of the more modern recipients of the authentic tradition cannot be overstated. Indeed, the primary initiatory degree in the HB of L system forms the core of one of the primary degrees of initiation in one of the great orders active down to the present day. That this central gnosis has more than occasionally become organizationally mismanaged is, alas, also an old tradition; Thomas Burgoyne did it in the 19th Century, as R. Swinburne Clymer did in the 20th. All the more reason, in my view, to have the original source documents, though still under restoration, in the hands of those persons seriously striving towards authentic initiation and realization.

5 July 2006

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1st The Neophyte is supposed to have read, studied and understood the meanings and mysteries revealed and set forth in the paper known as “The Asiatic Mystery: Being the first Rosicrucian Manifesto to the World!” If not then such is his first obligation and bounden duty. Collapse ) NEXT - Burgoyne's corruption of "The Mystery of Eulis"
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The ner do well of the HBL was T. H. Burgoyne. After a brief participation in the North Georgia utopian HB of L Experiment, he split with Davidson and went to California. “The Light of Egypt” is his best known work, but the following corruption of Randolph’s “Mysteries of Eulis” is an examplke of how a manifestation of the Authentic Magical Tradition can fall pretty far from the tree…in this case, deliberately.

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The awful list of powers, attributes and forces set forth in the works of P. B. Randolph, as attainable by the actual use of the sexual force, is a terrible snare. It was this fatal mistake that ruined the unfortunate, misguided Randolph himself. Therefore, remember, if you value your soul’s immortality, that evil powers can be gained, but those who gain them are forever lost. It is the true way to Voudooism and Black Magic. SO BEWARE how you play with the infernal laws which rule the realms of animal nature and outer darkness.
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