May 31st, 2006

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

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Friday, May 26, 2006


If you are uncertain about what I am yammering on about with the

current Great Arabia Mountain Working

(starting Summer of 2005 to present; antecedent workings

started by Dr. Gastfriend, Rt. Rev. Orion (of

blessed memory), Rt. Rev. Shamara and myself, 1981-82.),

points chauds, empowerments, Memphis-

Misraim, et al, reference Docteur Bertiaux's Voudon Gnostic Workbook( as in 

or, and, more immediately, the pdf free

booklet above.

The term "points chauds" in French has been used to

indicate everything from volcanic pressures within the Earth

(as in to

"hot spots" on the geo-political map

(, to, as in our use

from the Creole-French of Haiti, the Quasi-Masonic sexual

and mystical empowerment 'points' on the

human body, part of a lost system of 360 points, possibly of Akkadian-Sumerian origin (,

and carried forward by the lineage of mystical

and magical priesthoods to the present time.

Crow's booklet represents the specific work,

following upon Bertiaux's lead, of Crow, our "Synod A"

"Synod B"

and "Synod C" (high initiates working mainly on my

power spot, Araba Mountain), Licensed

Acupuncturist David Zeitz, and myself. Much of this

 work has been documented on the LiveJournals

 of the various participants. The Work in ongoing.

Docteur Hector-Francois Jean-Maine

Docteur Michael Bertiaux's teacher

Sumer & Akkad

Bertiaux's rare Voudon Gnostic Workbook

Rt Rev T Michael Bertiaux

"(January, 1935, United States-Alive). Bishop, Ecclesia Gnostica.

Studied theurgy under Haitian masters and Voodoo

Adepts, 1963-1975. Ordained Deacon,

Anglican Church. Ordained Priest, Ecclesia Gnostica. Ordained

Bishop, Ecclesia

 Gnostica, August 15, 1963. Sovereign Grand Master,

Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua., 1970-December, 1988."

 (from )

T Allen Greenfield

"(Augusta, Georgia-Alive). Bishop, Ordo Templi Orientis.

 Student of esoteric spirituality and Gnostism, 1960-Current. Bishop

 of the Doinel Lineage, Holy Synod of the Neopythagorean

Gnostic Church, 1986. Bishop, Gnostic Catholic Church-Ordo

Templi Orientis, 1987-Current. Auxiliary Bishop of the QBLH.

 Member, Green Abyss Lodge of the Miskotonick Society,

September 23, 1995-Current. Author of Secret Cipher of

 the UFOnauts (1994), The Story of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light (1997), The Compleat Rite of Memphis (1998), and

other works relating to the occult, UFOs, and gnostic



Points Chauds - Arabia Working Report
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J.C. and I went to Arabia, did the 97 points

chauds at Consecration Rock Saturday.  Must

complete the Arabia Working here before I am

gone.  J & A next week, I hope.  JN and AN last

weekend of May.

This is THE magick, folks!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Gave J & A All 97 points chauds.  Some repeats. Wow.

 Next Saturday, Bishop A.N., who I also had the pleasure of working with in an OTO Context on Sunday.

The Work goes on!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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For the third time in May, last Saturday I made

the trek to Arabia Mountain with Rt. Rev. A.N.

and Rt. Rev. J.N. to complete the 97

empowerment points, or points chauds, with

 a few extra points from the broader hypothetical

360 degree system.  It was highly successful, and

 I head North to Baltimore sad only that I wasn't

able to complete the Work with Rt. Rev. K.dG.

Yet to do the Work with M.M. in Salem and

a few other illustrious and sublime bretren

 (and sistren) of whatever sublime degree.

Here are some pix from the most recent Working:



Again I refer you to John Crow's excellent Booklet. 

 This is cutting edge experimental magick, being

Worked in true Scientific Illuminist

fashion--research, document, experiment,

document, reach conclusions based on reality, not blind faith.

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