February 5th, 2006

From"Decoded" The arrival


Since "the Sirius Mystery" - the Dogon, their "Nommo" et al has a close connection of sorts to our contention that the Authentic Magical Tradition comes down to us from ancient Sumer, with a special connection to the sun-star Sirius, an update of information on that seemed in order. Before evaluation, I *strongly* suggest you at least read the excerpts on amazon.com from R. Temple's new version of his pioneering work, as well as the excerpt from Hope's current book. With that in mind -- Here y'go!



“Our Brightest Star Sirius is also one of our

closest at only 8.7 Light-Years. It is a

large White Star that is officially designated

as Sirius A. It is accompanied by a

telescopically-only visible White Dwarf Star

or “Neutron Star”, referred to as Sirius B, as

well as by a
theoretical but as yet unseen smaller Sirius

C… It is my own contention that the Ancient

Egyptian legend of “Osiris” and “Isis”

originally referred to Red Giant Sirius B and

its then smaller companion White Sirius A. The

dismemberment of Osiris reflects the explosion

that “dismembered” the Sirius System. “Isis”,

however, was always intimately connected to

the remaining still visible Sirius A.”
Robertino Solàrion
25 October 2000 Collapse )
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