January 29th, 2006

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Underworld: Evolution Screenplay, Danny McBride, from story by Wiseman, McBride, based on characters created by Kevin Grevioux, Wiseman, McBride. Selene - Kate Beckinsale Michael - Scott Speedman Marcus - Tony Curran Alexander Corvinus - Derek Jacobi Viktor - Bill Nighy Arnaud Tanis - Steven Mackintosh Kraven - Shane Brolly William - Brian Steele Amelia - Zita Gorog Soren - Scott McElroy Samuel - John Mann Lucian - Michael Sheen

"Underworld: Evolution is so dedicated to its ludicrously convoluted plot that it takes half an hour to explain what the hell is going on. If you didn't see the first film, you won't have a hope of following this one, and even if you did, there are gaping holes. Why, for instance, are we suddenly in the Russian wilderness? And do they really have 24 hour restaurants out there?" BBC Review

OK, the critics *hated it* near universally, the world over. The complex plot causes them to complain, the hard driving action-action- action leaves them unmoved, the high-gothic scenery in blue-tones gets them a laugh or two, though it is surely in the great tradition of 1930s Universal horror films. And they don't seem to even notice the absolute suculent blood fetish, latex fetish and just plain hot girl with black black hair and white white skin and an attitude worthy of Uma Thurman splattering Darryl Hanna all over the trailer, there for its own sake. Collapse )
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