December 25th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival


End of 2005

As the secular year ends, let us celebrate our victory in Iraq. With thousands of Iraqis dead, thousands of Americans killed or maimed, we got our much-touted election and have succeeded in creating another Islamic Republic of the variety so familiar in Iran. Kurdish national aspirations have once again been screwed over by an indifferent world, the secular element in Iraq has been laid to rest and we now have another fundamentalist regime in power. Fundamentalism here, fundamentalism there. We can face the new year with pride, knowing we have, once again, made the world safe for, uuuhhhh, democracy, or weapons of mass depletion, or the cheering throngs yearning to be free (of us). Somewhere, Osama smiles. Santa has been good to him this year.

"The apparent failure of secular, Western-oriented political groups to win many seats in Iraq's four-year legislature puts new pressure on the Bush administration in its efforts to stabilize the country. In Iraq, U.S. officials will have to intensify their efforts to contain ethnic and sectarian divisions that have deepened over the last year and, if allowed to fester, could push the country toward civil war. And as initial results indicate that the Iraqi government will be led by Shiite Muslims with ties to Iran, U.S. officials also may face pressure to establish their own direct working relationship with Tehran..."

U.S. Military Killed in Iraq 2,170
U.S. Wounded or evacuated in Iraq 20,748


Article 7. Iraqi Constitution - " Islam is the official religion of the State and is to be considered a source of legislation..."

"Do you believe in this do you believe in me
"Your kidding your not the same to me now gotta kill to believe"
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From"Decoded" The arrival

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300 Years of Slavery, 100 Years More of Hate
50 Years of Struggle, Still knockin’ at the Gate
Bottom of the Barrel, Forgotten in Our Time
America preaches Lincoln, but still got Georgia on our mind.

“Though income and education gaps between black and white Americans have narrowed significantly, black households still have barely one-tenth the net worth of white households, according to a new National Urban League report. “ Collapse )

THE PRISONER Gil Scott-Heron
(submitted by The Robman)
Here I am, after so many years
Hounded by hatred and trapped by fear
I'm in a box, I've got no place to go
If I follow my mind, I know I'll slaughter my own.
Help me I'm the prisoner, won't you hear my plea
I need somebody, yeah, to listen to me
I beg you, brothers and sisters, I'm counting on you (yeah).
Black babies in the womb are shackled and bound
Chained by the caveman who keeps beauty down
Smacked on the ass when they're squalling and wet
Heir to a spineless man who never forgets
Never forgets that he's a prisoner, can't you hear my plea
Cause I need somebody, Lord knows, to listen to me
I'm a stranger to my son who wonders why his daddy runs.
On my way to work in the morning when I don't give a damn
Can't nobody (x4) see just who in hell I am
Hemmed in by a suit, yes all choked up in a tie
Ain't no wonder some times near morning I hear my woman cry
She knows her man is a prisoner, won't you hear my plea
Yeah, cause I need somebody, wooo, to listen to me
My woman she don't say but she hates to see her man chained this way
Yeah, help me, I'm the prisoner
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm the prisoner
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