December 6th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival


Having discussed my own summoning of the orbs inside the long-sealed room at the ancient

Castle of St. Mark in Florida in relation to the general phenomenon of "orb cases" in modern

ghost lore, I wanted to establish that the phenomenon of orb-type apparitions is anything

but new, and is hardly confined to so-called "spirit photography". Indeed, historically and

even today, the orb and scepter are the symbols of power and rulership, and a comparison to

the "saucer shape" in UFO cases is difficult to deny.

As many readers are aware, I have also photographed a classical apparition (see my splash

page on my web site at, investigated without

conventional explanation by two generations of Eastman Kodak investigators, including our

friend and coworker, Col. Choron. Below is depicted another classical ghost photograph,

often considered authentic (whatever this might mean). Collapse )
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