November 19th, 2005

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Ok, he's a graduate of a prestige college, a film writer of considerable talent, and until

recently, a very successful story editor for Tony Blain's law firm, which represents screen

writers to the film industry. But lot's of people say he's my dad reincarnated, looks like

him (dead ringer) and my father only played at being a business executive and sometimes

state militia Lt. Colonel. He was an athelete, pro basketball player for the Baltimore City

Crescents, baseball catcher and in later years, pro-level golfer in Augusta GA - where

there's no about golf. Alex grew up on tales of Lou Thez and Goldberg, took the

trouble to meet some of the pros of the time (somewhere I've got pix), recorded matches over

my precious VHS copies of films (except "Ring of Iron"), wrestled in high school and acted

in films like "Freejack" and "Robocop III" as a splatterpunk named Two-Toned (honest). In

college he wrote and filmed an award-winning docudrama before heading for Hollywood, and

this past year and for the foreseeable future is with the World Wrestling Entertainment

doing what people of his talent do for the big show biz bucks. Here's some clips:

From MOP Squad Sports

WWE News and Rumors
WWE Wrestling News - November 11, 2005
By AARON MYKYTA, MOP Squad Sports NWA/TNA Editor
Nov 11, 2005, 15:09

New on Cole, Tazz, USA, more


- Michael Cole and Tazz are said to be paranoid about their positions on SmackDown, after

seeing what happened to Jim Ross. Cole had wanted to move to Texas, but WWE nixed the idea.

- WWE's contract with the USA Network for "Raw" is a two year deal, with USA retaining the

option for a third year.

- Stephanie McMahon and Brian Gewetiz is against WWE offering Paul Heyman a new contract.

Heyman's current contract expires on 12/31.

- Alex Greenfield is expected to replace Dave Lagana (rumored to be moving to WWE.COM) as

Smackdown head writer. If the move is made, one of his assistants could be Dusty Rhodes.

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