September 27th, 2005

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Notes from several sources....

Some of this material is cut and pasted from my previous posts - which see. Others are brought in from "Synod A" current Mt. Arabia Group, which will again assemble next Saturday, with an important comment by a member of "Synod B" as well. Summary owes much to K., for which thanks. All stuff is reprinted with permission. Intent - bring others up to date on this important and fast-advancing fundamental magico-ecclesiastic Work:

360/90 Points Chauds System for SCRYING THE UNIVERSE

“Magi-The title of the ancient hereditary priests of the Persians and Medians, said to be derived from mog or mag, or priest, in Pahlvi. Under the Medo-Persian government, they acquired great influence, and formed a sacred caste or college....Under the reform of Zoroaster, they were divided into three classes or degrees…The Chaldees had similar colleges, as well as the Egyptians, and there is an analogy between them and the chief of the ancient mysteries… ” Kenneth Mackenzie

Considerations for Live Journal Readers

In the middle years of the 1980s, I began to develop a method for scrying the actual aboriginal degree system for the authentic magical tradition. I had begun scrying in the early 1960s, using traditional crystals and magical mirrors, and later, adding yoga, biofeedback and so-called “astral projection” I engaged in a variety of experimental and traditional techniques, from “rising on the planes” (as in classical Qabalistic chariot ascents) in meditation to the sexual magick of “scrying in the flesh” – using sexual energy and yoga to scry. I also became acquainted with the correspondence system of Crowley’s 777. The flash of realization came on the same November day in 1988 in New York City when, immediately after being consecrated a bishop in the Oriental Templar tradition, I acquired the magnum opus of T Michael Bertiaux, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook. I struggled with its somewhat eccentric organization, but recognized its essential points on how to do the fundamental Work in a systematic manner, albeit not without much trial and error. I conferred with Bertiaux on my insights, reread carefully both 777 and Qabalistic source documents, and by the 1990s was ready for experimental developments.
Details of some of these experiments, many conducted on the premises of a lodge of one of the great magical orders of antiquity, gathering about me a group of able and eager students, most of whom I had worked with before, in OTO Work and in Enochian scrying, have been documented on my web site and elsewhere. The methodology was to take the “power points” or points chauds” of the so-called “Voudon Gnostic System” and empower individual participants with select or full sets of these points. The participants were then asked to experiment and record results using a meditation technique inspired by Bertiaux and the late W.W. Webb.
It was an incomplete system at that point, and some less sophisticated but ardent students received too many empowerments too quickly, with quirky, disappointing or dangerously overly intense results.

The method, in brief, was this:

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