September 20th, 2005

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LJ Interests meme results

  1. anarchism:
    I was an active street revolutionary till I got tired of beating my head against the wall. I voted for Bill Clinton. First time I voted. I describe myself - rightly - as a "civil libertarian social democrat" today, but my heart is still in the street. I am a philosophical anarchist.
  2. bloodsports:
    Sexual thrills and chills neither for the unlearned nor disinclined. I am neither unlearned nor disinclined.
  3. dvds:
    I am fascinated with the limits of hedonistic and information technology. I love films, and here are films long faded arisen from dead vaults and new again, with commentaries.
  4. fratres lucis:
    The Eighteenth Century system of magick most in the Authentic Tradition. Not to understand it, to master it, to grok its rituals, one does at one's peril.
  5. hermetic brotherhood of light:
    19th Century upholder of the central gnosis of the Authentic Magical Tradition, stretching from Sumer to Mount Arabia.
  6. kinque:
    That which tests limits, tests borders and comes from the heart and gut and loins and not from affectation is fascinationg to me even if the particular isn't my thing.
  7. nationalism:
    While 20th Century mythology and current globalist theory would have nationalism as an archaic cause, the breakup of the Soviet Empire, the British Empire, the myths of Yugoslavia and Iraq and the like give the lie to this myth. The great forces entering history today are nationalism, Islamist Imperialism, democracy and....China.
  8. polyamory:
    Those who are able to master their fears and maintain their integrity in matters of the flesh and of the spirit are the New Being Manifest.
  9. sexual magick:
    The Authentic Tradition manifest.
  10. wolfram science:
    Read A NEW KIND OF SCIENCE and we'll discuss it....

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