September 7th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival

FAMILY Tradition.....

Ok, I confess, most of my readers are probably not wrestling fans, but my oldest son Alexander, who, as you all know, is a Hollywood script writer and editor has been filming and and otherwise making his talents useful in WWE's "Smackdown". So, when "Smackdown" rolled into town Alex got the family front row seats and the kids had a good time, and Sheila rolled her eyes alot and I kept yelling...after all, its entertainment to the fans, but dinner on the table for Alex and Penny.

Left to Right are Alex Greenfield, a WWE wrestler Heidenreich, Karl Greenfield and Randall Greenfield after the night's festivities. Photo by Allen Greenfield. BTW, my dad was a pro basketball player who, among other things, briefly also flirted with wrestling and baseball. Alex is a dead ringer for my dad; when he was little we even seriously considered that he might be my father reincarnated. If ya wanna know why, I'll tell ya. Spooky story. BTW, My kids aren't short, this guy Heidenreich IS that big.
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