September 3rd, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival


Breathtaking, elusive Sweetness Sublime
I feel you close, I feel you mine.
Then far away, the Law holds sway
The magnetism of the heavens
Distance beyond calculation
Keeps you away, keeps me
From being what I dare dream to see.
To you, for you, you Galactic
Riddle, Hidden in the oceans
Unknown worlds uncountable.
They Matter not at all, if only
You, too, can see it all with the Will
To transcend, in The End, ask
To What End, I’ll confess
Here is all I know or care - to rest
My feverish head upon your breast.
Defiant of all illusion distance
In the face of gravity’s resistance.
I would glad defy Reality’s haze
Risen from a deathless grave.
To be with you when I can steal
The fire of Heaven, the weight of Real.
If, and only if you too, will fly
With me as I with you. Yes,
Let delight and pleasure fight;
Banish both the dark and light.
No astral wishes offer I, I mean
Here now, I face the fright.
To actualize, before your eyes
Make real by bridging bridgeless laws
Rebels we, against the odds.

Take this agonized tortured verse
As thou wilt, cold universe.
Useless, unless together, we lift the curse.
Now do you also, desperate Need
As I do to have, to heed?
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