June 27th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival


A couple of entries back, I posted a lengthy piece on the experimental system of empowerments known in the system of Tau Michael Bertiaux as the points chauds, or "hot points". I'm sure those who read my LJ posts who are working with me on this experiment, or are thinking about working on it read it, but they had already seen the little booklet I had prepared for them on which the entry was based (and updated). My intention is both to advance this work with those who are interested and who I think I can work with directly, but also to encourage others to - cautiously - read about this work and experiment with it according to their own lights and qualifications, and to keep a magical diary of the work, and to make their results known, success, failure, disaster or epiphany. This is how Scientific Illuminism is supposed to work. Collapse )

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