June 9th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival



Unpredicted, unpredictable solar, stellar wind
Washes across the universe
Washes across the Earth
Giving unheralded birth.

Winking Northern Lights announce
Growing Sahara, fleeing defeated Tuareg
Moving slowly South.
Once bold - grown old.

Storm on a Sun-star,
Storms in my mind scar.
Time rolls like slow Summer thunder,
As I plan and falter, weave and blunder.
(Ah! Ah! What spell am I under!)

Where is your heart?
Where is your soul?
Far older than mine?
Older than old?

I long to -- dare not
Anguish creeps through
Star-crossed illusory unresolved clue.

Do you humor me; laugh?
Kid seeing giraffes
For the first time? Unconscious, unkind?

Like the old ranger, who thought he saw danger
He shot down the stranger;
The wild desert camel, the last of his line.
Gone now for all time.

The old wind hath blown
Okies got no home,
Drown wrath in grapes
Or blog my escapes.
Closin' on the levee,
Closin' on the levee,
Floodin' down Broad Street
Like unwept tears held back;
Flood rolls like a panic attack.

Eating away at me - she's - possessed
Not by me. Rightly so, as I see.

O, but when I see I forget,
I cannot flee
Don't know how or what to be.
Without and within
Solar flare, solar wind.
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