June 7th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival

MOJO LOG: Supplemental

I'll leave to those empowered to comment on the points chauds workings on Mt. Arabia, the first in some years, at the same spot on the same rock altar, the Mountain being all but deserted on a beautiful Saturday in June. Cactus flowers were in bloom. The county has "improved" the "park" -- but only way over where the quarry used to be, and the twin peaks of Arabia are undisturbed - so far.

I had the ju-ju by the time I sat by the reflecting pool at the summit. If you haven't, you have no idea.... The pool where I dip my sword in the reflection of the full moon to reactive my fire salamander every year as close to the Summer Solstice as possible. 45 years now, this has been my power spot.

The mojo was there, we chatted, went over to the altar rock, did the points asked for, bishop to bishops, the ju-ju worked, P. asked how many points I could do, I heard myself say "97" but time *is* catching up with me. I did six on her, about 16 on H. (who I'd worked with on this a dozen years ago at Eulis II) and I was soaked with sweat, weak, dizzy, it isn't ten years ago, and I know I have only so much time to pass the torch on this.

My three heresies are sexual magick...but that is no heresy (in theory) in my chosen circle, only, I fear, mwith more and more people, in practice. And NAEQ, but others -- Gerald, John, Jake, have already taken up the torch there, and the voudon gnostic system of points chauds, which I am only now beginning to fully have command of to transmit. Having them, I learned at great cost to others, is not communicating them.

The mojo was there. I hope I am spared the time to complete my task. So many of my peers have not been. I am determined. And, for now, optimistic.
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