May 7th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival


How can I see you
At the End of the Universe
At the far end of space
At the far end of time?
I dream that I touch you,
I dream I can see you
Far from the oceans
Far from the stars.
Far in the distance
Faintly your breathing;
I'm under its spell.
I'm under your spell.
Mirage, sweet mirage,
Like heatwaves on highways.
In High Summer ramblings,
Glistening dew on flowers
Spare seconds seem hours.
In the last glow of evening;
In the first glow of dawn.
I want to touch you, to breathe
To embrace you,
To smile and laugh with you
To scream and cry out.
How can I find you
Down winding dark passages
Driven by passions
Increased desperation,
Can you feel what I'm feeling?
Can you Know my unKnowing?
Do you hear thunder in
Hot sultry winds;
On the desert deserted
By all but the wolves?
Hungry for something
So real but elusive
Oh Christ, no illusion
Not you, not in me.
Come closer, much closer
In the cold blue of starlight
Dance away distance
Dance away time.
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