March 31st, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival

eeek! I tweeked!

I got up early again today (4PM) and the big yeller ball was there again, though lower in the sky. Does this happen often? Anyway, I was up to do some tweaking on the splash page on my web site and the Esoteric Order of Dagon page, cause it had to be just right, 'cause I'm a Sea Lord, right?
(The irony is my eldest son Alex is the Lovecraftian of the family...he writes scripts for movies with a heavy Lovecraftian influence.)

Anyway... I tweeked. I can say things like "eek" and "tweek" 'cause the quizilla says I'm 71% female...I mean, I've cultivated a certain androgynous baphometic quality, and think men smell bad, but 71%? I wonder if Tina put somethink in my coffee when I was living in QBLH HQ's basement? More likely Joel did it, in an effort to undermine my relationship with Samantha, not knowing how much Samantha liked girls as well as boyz.

Oh. I gotta go watch the rest of TNT's Wed. night X-File all nighter, but I've neglected to mention some *very* crucial web addresses that are key to various aspects of the Work:

Borderland Sciences - in which I possess the coveted BSRA after my name - was founded in the mid 1940s by the late Meade Layne, and on his watch, circa 1944-1962 the BSRA Journal Round Robin was best known for its trance channeling, UFO, exotic metascience stuff, but, as the old issues of Round Robin make clear, it was part of the same Southern California occult scene as Agape Lodge, Bill Webb's work, Frater Achad's work and Louis Culling's work. His successor, Riley Crabb, tried to erase a lot of the occult connection, but I've heard stories from the late Bill Webb and more recent leaders of BSRF (Brown -an exBertiaux student, and Borges, the current Grand Poobah) that confirm this was one of occultism's major centers during the 'dark years in the late '40s and 50s.

Oh, one other, the address of the convention I cofounded as a kid, the National UFO Conference at
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