March 30th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival

You know how real people get hangovers?

Real people from Earth, I gather, drink alcoholic poison and get "hangovers". Living the gothick vampirick magick lifestyle I do, I now have a 'hangover' from getting up in the daytime with the big yellow thing in the sky, to labor over the MAC for eight hours to do what I should've done months ago, my annual update of my website. But, doubtless with a little tweeking, *it's done!!!!!* I updated the splash page ! I put up the controversial piece on blood bonding !! I sorta updated the page on the many lives (or eight arms) of my Lovecraftian EOD page, now that they have made me XIII* Sea Lord !!! And a touch-up here, a dash there--it is a big site for a shamelessly personal self-promotional but witty and informative now ten year long experiment.

And now, from "West Side Story" (a-1 & a-2 & a-3) I feel pretty/ o so pretty/I feel pretty/and witty/and bright/and I pity/any girl who isn't me/tonight.

Maybe I lived in Doraville at the QBLH House too long. Or have taken one too many of those damn tests (I am informed I am 71% female, a Muslim-like Totally; on the Disney character thing I was Donald fukin' Duck!!! O, christ what a hangover. I'm gonna go eat some of that sugar free fat free jello chocolate pudding, so later, dudes and dudettes.

Oh, one serious note...I must have had an awful lot of this hand ground hazelnut coffee, 'cause I also dug out (actually, Sheila dug it out) all the raw materials for the 19th Century sexual magick monograph or book or whatever it turns out to be. It's really remarkable stuff, but I shudder at the preliminary organization sequence--what to include, what to exclude, how to organize, how to transfer from hardcopy to electronic media, illustration ideas, etc. So, I could use some help on logistics kinda like soon. I will go to Kinque-oh's and get this stuff scanned to CD-ROM shortly, but even this is something I need a ride to from out here in the exact middle of nowhere USA.

And I'm still looking for "signs of the New Aeon" --ask yourself the musical question, taking the premise that we are at the beginning of the Second Century of a New Aeon, what indications of this do we have from the last hundred years, as opposed to the Aeon that went before. I have *my* ideas for my NOTOCON presentation, but I want this to multibrained, and mine is in this persistent vegetative state since I dropped out of that baby carriage, and NOTOCON - I am informed - won't provide me with index cards and pencils for anyone crazy enough to show up to give input. How odd. Well, the first NOTOCON in Akron the local organizers didn't give the speakers even a free membership, and when I went crying to DS about that, he said *he* had to pay a membership fee, too, which shut me down totally. Things have improved, in the relative order of things.

I gonna be a meanie and not put an lj-cut in this. O, my head.

What's an "adult" party in a yurt like?
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