March 25th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival

Miss A. Laneous

I've been procrastinating on updating my web site...but I'm getting there; stay tuned. The new magical projects involving the "points-chauds 360", described on my web site and expanded upon in my current book (
have begun. Still some room for participation in this dangerous pioneering work, check with me off list. I also want to call attention to the outstanding new stuff up on the Antiquities of the Illuminati list. My pal J. over there is one of the handful - not even a handful - of serious historians of magick making the authentic tradition available to serious students of the arte magical.

Oh. My talk at NOTOCON is on the theme of "indications of a New Aeon". Collapse ) If we want to salvage something here, salvage the just aspirations of the Kurds:

northern iraq
northern iraq

I would be remiss if I didn't say the Equinox of the Gods ritual and Mass at D&S was well attended and went very well, and to thank Mick and my other sisters and brothers in Oregon for the memorial mass for our friend Donal Wallace.

BTW, there was a kick-ass fund raiser for benefit of D&S that was under attended. They need the money, and you need the good time.
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