March 11th, 2005

From"Decoded" The arrival

Twenty lines From Stephen Wolfram

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Allen sez - It's a "Flatland" sorta thing. It would be nice to think outside the box, but what if we're the box?

Allen also sez - What applies to "extraterrestrial intelligence" would doubtless also apply to praterhuman intelligence, hint hint hint.

Oh. My update on my website should go up like Thursday of next week.

Oh. Oh. The two biggest "new kind of magick" ideas I see on the experimental horizon are "New Aeon" English Qabalah (whether the quotes can ever be dropped depends upon proofs-which require research), and the systematic investigation of the extention, 777-style, of the effective correspondences to the points chauds system first introduced to the modern occult community by Michael Bertiaux.

Oh. Oh. Oh. The best thing the occult community could do as a body of manifestation *now* is to take Scientific Illuminism seriously, and apply the kind of scientific methodology to magical phenomena and lore that parapsychology and psychical research have applied to purported paranormal phenomena. The aim of religion without the method of science is the Methodist Church.

Was it as good for you as it was for me?
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