February 11th, 2005

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Boy am I having trouble conning, I mean convincing, Sheila to help me put my MAC back together after the big housecleaning of her vacation. I guess that’s largely because I actually think updating my website is important whereas she, in the last months of her MBA program *and* as the campus motivational psych officer for the senior instructors (which amuses me to no end; they gave her an office an all to tell the profs “teach us something, dammit!” she plays them Big Band Music and motivational downloads), thinks that doing her stuff actually has priority over my web site. Go figure.

Anyway, there’s lots of new stuff going up, including my friend Alex’s exotic take on blood ritual (that doesn’t do it justice—wait and see), some promo stuff on my new book, which has hit all the big catalogs and on line book sellers, but not yet out there in the brick and mortar stores; pester them, get them to look it up in Books in Print, tell um it’s the jewel of the century [short century-and who knows when the asteroids are smacking us to the dinosaurs?] , but most important tell them it’s selling like hotcakes on Amazon), the usual updates of data on my splash page, updated visits – about 20,000 now, pretty good for a personal site – and a new picture or two – I keep hoping one of the pix Lacy took in the deep jungles of a remote Polynesian island where we found a ruined ancient temple which we promptly used to perform a Gnostic Mass would show up…and if I get ambitious, I might do a rewrite of my ecclesiastical page, informed by new insights developed in researching The Roots of Magick. Anyway, soon as the clankty-clank MAC is back and I can use Fetch, I’ll get to it. Stay tuned, boys and girls. Collapse )
And, to close on a high note, I want to recommend a couple of truly outstanding DVDs that demonstrate just what this technology can bring to the American home. I recently acquired the new German restoration of “Metropolis” and, unless the rest shows up in an attic somewhere (Carl Dreyer’s “The Passion of Joan of Arc” long lost, showed up in an intact print found in an ‘insane asylum’ in Northern Europe, as I recall) it still lacks about half an hour from the original as shown at the gala premier in Berlin in 1927. But the restoration is absolutely fabulous, nothing like the “American cut” most film buffs have seen, and the clean up of nearly lost materials is amazing, the still-missing segments handled masterfully without interruption of either fidelity or continuity. It is terrific.

The other DVD I want to mention is The Criterion Collection’s unbelievably outstanding director-approved high-def digital transfer of David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome”. As usual with Criterion, there’s lots of extras, including a recent short by Cronenberg called “The Camera” which features Les Carlson, the bad guy from “Videodrome”. Even the box is extremely clever. I’ve seen the film a hundred times or more, but nothing like this. Uhm. If, per chance, you are not familiar with the film (featuring James Woods and Deborah Harry), it requires a fairly strong stomach…not for the vanilla crowd.

Now why can’t Criterion pick up “Liquid Sky”? Its now on the DVD not available market priced in three digits.
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