December 14th, 2004

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Look, I'm not so one-sided I think all wars since WWII are evil, bad or wrong. Viet Nam was wrong and a disaster for all. Grenada (I was there) was a bad joke. Gulf War One was justified. Kosovo-Bosnia was justified. Afghanistan was justified, but we really have accomplished embarassingly little there, and have no comprehension as a society of what Afghanistan is or what would constitute victory. In the end, we spread Islamism, by the incompetence of our current government.

Iraq is a total waste. The precedent of attacking one more defanged ugly petty dictatorship that had never attacked us may come back to haunt us big time. And the world, which mourned with us after 9/11 hates us. Hates. We have no draft, except the poverty draft, and if we couldn't "win" in Iraq (ill-defined what that would be), and didn't have the soldiers the armor or the back up to do something worth doing, we should never have gone there. Now it appears that National Guardsmen, who mainly are trained to help out in hurricanes and domestic disturbances, are underequipped and undertrained, are being killed off at a higher rate than regular soldiers.

It sickens me. It is a "live fire" training ground for screwy Islamists better than the monkey bars in Afghanistan, and we're either there forever or a new dictatorship of the Saddam variety or worse will replace anything we leave in place. Lost cause. Want the price in lives? (Forget treasure for the moment. Forget credibility for a long time.)

Right now:

139 Dead in November--worst month of the war. Net effect, we chased the rebels out of one town into another and wrecked the town to save it.

1304 U.S. Dead military only (not beheaded civilians or Iraqis)
8150 U.S. maimed so far.
That's 10,000 U.S. casualties roughly, for nothing, nothing, nothing.

38 U.S. military dead so far in December, less than halfway into the month.

Go to

and check out the charts on where this is headed.

For nothing.
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