November 17th, 2004

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I still have some trimming to do on my new book on THE ROOTS OF MAGICK as a body of manifestation for the last 300 years, including an expansion of my approach to the order first articulated on lj as "Minimalism". I want to take a look at the constitutional documents and their context, how they relate to corporate documents, the new for experimental Scientific Illuminism rather than faith-based assertions of "magick" and "initiation" and the need for governmental institutional reform, i.e, living up to the concept of "...with us Government is Service, and nothing else."

The great oddity, is that in, pulling together my research over the last twenty years on the history of magical figures and groups, I reach the conclusion that, at least in terms of an outer body of manifestation, the order is the only-and I mean only-body of manifestation that as a group, and at least in theory, manifests the "full monty" of the authentic tradition. Once the book is out, I will be working my way back into the origins of Rosicrucianism and the Jewish Messianic movements of the 1600s, trying to push the history back another hundred years.

I looked at the paragraph above, and want to make the disclaimer that in my now rather long magical career, I have on the odd occasion, met individual people and small informal circles of people that manifest the authentic tradition spontaneously. One of the principle reasons I am a minimalist is my conviction, based on extensive observation, that decentralized autonomous or virtually autonomous individual and small group efforts produce the most remarkable and outstanding magical Work. It is also true that the same general situation produces some of the most screwy, wild-eyed nonsense, madness and fanaticism. So, the question becomes, what causes one and not the other? Stay tuned....

Well, I will shift gears and turn to our winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, destroying one village at a time. Here is the latest U.S. casualty numbers--they don't get much play on TV:

1,206 U.S. military dead in Iraq
8,150 U.S. military maimed in Iraq

Reports of atrocities are beginning to filter back, though the civilian media are being further and further restricted in what they can cover directly. The "unsettled" conditions keep them mostly in their hotels. I'm not sure of what I would define as a "U.S. Victory" in Iraq, since I consider this to be a breeding ground for terrorism post-invasion, where before it was not, but I simply cannot war game this out in any plausible way that this is anything but a major national disaster that can and will come back to haunt us.

As I tell my military friends, every time I play this out over the next several decades, it boils down to: They Win.
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From"Decoded" The arrival

Thelemic Fascism

I took my first initiation with a guy who turned out to be a card carry member of the American Nazi Party. When the Lodge Master found out, the guy got out, and Bil, the LM said, "boy, did that guy ever come to the wrong place." Nobody seemed to take that as other than the obvious, but then, Eulis was a left-leaning libertarian lodge in those days. Some people gave our one Republican member a hard time, something I strongly opposed.

However, the original observation ought to hold true throughout the order, for reasons that should be obvious. If the order is "top heavy" it is so in a nearly medieval way, as with monarchy, certainly not fascism. Now, in my universe, the merits of monarchy can be debated. The merits of fascism are not subject to such debate. I have cheerfully participated in any number of street actions in my life where the KKK, the Nazis and others of their ilk have found, to their distress, that they are not the only people who know how to have a good street brawl.

Our brother Keith has been showing many signs of drifting from disposessed dissenter to being a fascist of some ill-define stripe, and defining said fascism in Thelemic terms. It doesn't fit. Not at all. I mentioned the difference between Ezra Pound's poetry and Ezra Pound's fascism in passing, making a point he apparently didn't get very well (we don't speak the same language) and now he's all full of Ezra Pound.

Here's the Ezra Pound I worry about.

March 15, 1942 broadcast by Ezra Pound:
The enemy is Das Leihkapital. Your Enemy is Das Leihkapital, intemational, wandering Loan Capital. Your enemy is not Germany, your enemy is money on loan. And it would be better for you to be infected with typhus, and dysentery, and Bright's disease, than to be infected with this blindness which prevents you from understanding HOW you are undermined, how you are ruined.
The big Jew is so bound up with this Leihkapital that no one is able to unscramble that omelet.Collapse )
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No place in Thelema for this. I call on any Thelemite to disclaim it in strong terms.
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