September 24th, 2004

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"Dark City" is playing on TV. Only 5 cases of synchronicity today. Example (typical-not exceptional), for no reason related to the conversation I start talking to Sheila about Castro and Cuba and the Gambino family. S has become a foreign policy neocon of some sort, and I was going on about the disaster in Iraq, hidden behind juicy tid-bits about Jane Fonda and Swift Boat pot heads for revisionism and Kobe and, of course, Michael Jackson (I've never been anywhere in the world where people don't wear Michael Jackson t shirts), and I asked her if she really thinks democracy will work everywhere (excuse number 27 for the war), and she said - so help me - "yes". How about Afghanistan? I asked. Pause, pause. Well, not Afghanistan, but Iraq, maybe. Kings! I said. Corrupt kings, demented despots, people we can buy. The subject was the Chechen national cause, she read me something and halfway through I said, uhm, "Communist Party hack" "He's American." "CPUSA then. Trust me. I used to spot these people at peace rallies and point them out loudly. They all talk party line, and its like signatures." She looks him up--sure enough, Commie crap about the Chechen Mafia. "I like the Mafia far better than the Communists" I ranted on, and then went into a long, semi-amusing rambler about Cuba, Castro and E. Howard Hunt hiring the Gambinos to kill Fidel with an exploding cigar. All this while flipping channels. It stops on "Our Man in Havana". Cuba synchronicity. Happens constantly.

There was that depressing line in a poem I wrote in the early '80s about my stripper girl friends "I get more affection from Stevie Nicks on the juke box at the Dunk'n'Dine than I do from any of you". There was a time I'd go in the Dunk when the bars closed and talk til dawn to my friends about metaphysics, philosophy, magick, revolution and stuff, and the juke box would always fill in the pregnant pauses with the answer to whatever question we were stuck on. Always.

Got a big break on the book today -- found a piece I had archived and wanted to fit in archived on the old MAC I use only for archiving an uploading to my web site these days, and sent it to the PC, and it saved me days of typing.

JC got a beautiful, sad, drawing from our long time death row friend, the brilliant and talented magician DW, who I've been writing now since I was Secretary of Eulis Lodge. He's outlived all other death row inmates in his state, but either has run down or run out of answers. He got this close about five years ago, was down to the cell next to the death chamber at five minutes til, but Tina, now the outer head of QBLH (Tala is inner head since Bill Webb's death), did her magick thing and a sabot hit the Machine out of nowhere, and DW still lives, but he told me "about October...January latest" and JC sent me a copy of his illo, and it looks bad. DW and I have already said our goodbyes. He's been in lock-down for months.

Reminds me of how long I've been doing the prison ministry thing. I've fallen into violating one of my own rules--never hold any kind of executive volunteer position for more than five years...I just don't think anyone else would take the job, its hard long hours, with a lot of b.s. mixed with good works, and has never been a popular cause. But the five year rule (gone over with my chapter too) I've seen break a lot of strong, good people. I watched Bil P. spend the last third of his Watch at Eulis destroying what he had nobly and admirably built during the first two thirds. Now there's only James and John and me left. and I guess you could count Dan and Shannon too, but it was such a big outfit with the biggest occult library I've ever seen, public or private, a fantastic numinous atmosphere, and Bil just went on and on and broke and didn't know he'd broken and nobody else got it for a long time, and it was a long time before I even thought to ask him if he wanted me to take up the cross and follow him. I don't want to end up like that.

I am informed the rumor mill over in Atlanta has it JC was expelled. Can't have that. No truth in it--none at all. He stepped back, for reasons I don't fully know, but is, AFAIK a rather ranking member in good standing, present tense.

The great magical experiment is starting to take shape again. Jeez, I do need somebody out there who does calligraphy or however its spelled, and at least some knowledge of anatomy that can work with me on some charts. Theme: points chaud and acupuncture points.
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