September 22nd, 2004

From"Decoded" The arrival

It was Helpful Brother Neighbor

I couldn't figure out howcum I couldn't post to messages, but I could post here. Then I noticed Helpful Brother had spelled my provider "mindsping" so if there is a "" (like "") he she or it has gotten some mystifying stuff this week, which is fine with me.

Mystifying is good.

Karl and Randall are home from school, fighting as usual, so I'm going back to bed now. The Big Yellow Thing is up in the sky, so this must be what y'all call "daytime" and I shouldn't be up anyway.

Second time I won Civ III with a cultural victory, but this time I had to impose my culture with repeated nuclear wars, global warming, and like that. Sounds too much like the real world. The other real world.

O. The compulsory workshop on the EGC Manual had a really good turn-out at D&S. Saturday..about 15. Only some of the B'ham people, about two Atlanta Deacons and my Delicate Situation in Tampa weren't there, along with Helpful Neighbor who I didn't expect. Most no-shows did RSVP; I s'pose I'll have to do a make-up. Four hours. Again.

Working hard on "The Roots of Modern Magick - 1700-2000"

I need a typest and an anatomist (or medical photographer) and some good clear charts circa 1600 to round out the text.