September 21st, 2004

From"Decoded" The arrival

Forbidden Zone now on DVD

Uhn, yep, that's a movie, fer sure. When I was a kid they - you know - They - told me I was goin' to Hell on account of bein a Jew and killin' Christ and all that, but Forbidden Zone taught me that wasn't such a bad place to hang out.

Somehow, I don't think it'll look as fun at home on plasma as it did in the Midnight Madness, but I'll doubtless buy it somehow.
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From"Decoded" The arrival

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just when I learned all their magical names/they all came here and got real strange/so I'm back where I started, out in the rain/did anyone get the number of that train?

Alas, I'm still stumbling in the dark, like I couldn't reply directly, just post to my on lj. Now, how do I send you a few oversize pix to that like a diet? I could use one or two.

Boy, am I really on to a magick thing...something I shelved during my years in the basement at the QBLH House when people started, you know, disappearing, killing themselves, going psycho...bad signs like that, but in *that* house, what would you expect on an *ordinary* day.
But, I think I know how to do this stuff safer now, but not too safe, thanks largely to running into an acupuncturist friend who grasped the whole deal and has now come up with a tentative new set of correspondences based on his discipline. What I need is an anatomist familiar with doing anatomical charts from scratch.
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